10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Wampler Pedals

We get a unique glimpse of life at Wampler - and it sounds like fun   18-Apr-14

10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Wampler Pedals

We got in contact with Brian, Amanda, Jason and Travis at Wampler Pedals to see if they could come up with 10 things the world doesn't (yet) know about their company.

The results are amusing, to say the least! Here's what they came up with:

1. Brian suffers from ADD and is easily bored/distracted. However, since the introduction of Siri he can now be regularly found asking her stupid questions in the corner of the office when he should be doing something else.

2. Directly behind the wall of the video/breadboarding (the process of designing pedal circuits) room is a tractor and several goats. If people don't know where Brian is, the first thing they do is to contact Amanda and see if he "is outback diggin' stuff up". He usually is.

3. Brian never went to college, he is completely self taught at electronics – he is was a straight D student in High School. Every design has been done "by ear".

4. Brian and Jason both wanted to call their sons Brent (after Brent Mason) before either of them met him. There is an ongoing lighthearted "competition" between the two of them which is the biggest Brent fan/stalker... Brian usually wins considering his son is called Brent and Jason's isn't.

5. Max in customer service is deathly afraid of glass elevators. Obviously, when ever possible, EVERYONE tries to get him in one. However, his fear of elevators is nothing compared to Travis's fear of Sharks and Bears – this (obviously) prompts Jason to send him various pictures when ever possible, or hide them in photo sets that are being reviewed for work or if he's feeling lazy, just put straight in his Facebook.

Bear riding a shark, obviously

6. Brian met Brad Paisley after he threw a prototype pedal onto the stage at the end of a gig. He contacted Brad's tech through a forum to see if he liked it, the rest as they say, is history.

7. When Brian and Amanda got engaged, they were so broke that Brian made Amanda an engagement ring out of diodes. (Editor: This is the BEST fact ever).

The ring!

8. Brian tried to hold down over 50 jobs before Wampler Pedals started including: telemarketing, grocery bagger, factory worker in multiple places, warehouse worker, lumber sales rep, labourer, construction cleanup, framer, cabinet builder, interior trim carpenter, basic automobile diagnostic check, sales rep at Menards and dishwasher.

9. They have a dedicated factory in KY, adjoined to Warehouse Guitar Speakers. The entire process of pedal production is performed there.

10. When the Ecstasy (now Euphoria) was first released, Brian tweaked everyone slightly differently to suit his mood, so each of the early ones are true Wampler originals... total original pieces. This was also the same with the very early Plextortions!

So there you have it, 10 things you probably didn't know about Wampler.

Thanks to the guys at Wampler, and we'd also like to speak on behalf of the entire guitar community by saying that we're glad none of Brian's 50 original career paths worked out for him.

Not got enough of your daily Wampler fix? No problem, click here to watch our video of their new prototype tremolo pedal.

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