Source Audio Introduces Multi-Pedal Scene Saver

Soundblox Hub integrates five Soundblox 2 pedals into a MIDI-controlled Multi-FX   10-Apr-14

We brought you news of it from the NAMM show but now Source Audio have posted a video demonstrating their Soundblox Hub which they say introduces an entirely new 'modular' approach to multi-effect systems. It has the power to unite up to five Soundblox 2 guitar effects pedals into one thoroughly integrated, MIDI controlled, multi-effect machine. Here's more details in Source Audi's own words...

The Hub introduces a powerful new way to use effects pedals. For the first time, you can save the state of your entire pedal board as a single recallable scene. You get the flexibility and power of a complex multi-effects unit, but with the simplicity of using individual stompboxes. If you want to tweak something, just turn a knob - you don't need to deal with the old hassle of navigating through complicated menus.

With its ability to send and receive MIDI Program Change and Control Change messages, the Soundblox Hub unlocks the range of MIDI options in the entire line of Soundblox 2 pedals. Users can edit pedal parameters and save up to 128 pedal "scenes" easily recalled with an external MIDI foot-controller or computer MIDI interface. Recalling a saved scene activates the corresponding pedals used in the scene, complete with assigned external controllers like a passive expression pedal or the Hot Hand 3 Wireless Effects Controller.

The Hub dramatically expands the preset storage capabilities of each Soundblox 2 pedal, but it also allows users to keep their favorite "go-to" presets saved directly within each pedal. This approach gives musicians the option of interacting with their pedal board in the traditional way or with simple one-step MIDI switching.

Pricing and Availability:
$99 street price.

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