Win A Vintage MXR Distortion Pedal

Company celebrates 40th anniversary with video documentary series and giveaway   09-Apr-14

2014 marks MXR's 40th anniversary and to celebrate they have been releasing blog and video content (first installment above features original MXR employee Ron Wilkerson), providing players with an informative, inside look at one of the most iconic stompbox brands in history. As part of this celebration, MXR tracked down each of MXR's four original core pedals in vintage form, and will be giving one away each month for the next four months. They are kicking off this giveaway with the Distortion+. Here's the details in MXR's words...

First released in 1972 along with the Phase 90, the Dyna Comp Compressor, and the Blue Box Octave Fuzz, the Distortion+ is powered by germanium transistors which create a warm sound famous for its diverse range--at lower settings, it serves up thick, tubey overdrive, but when cranked, you can take it to the frontiers of fuzz land. Just listen to hit records from the Grateful Dead, Iron Maiden, early Ozzy Osbourne, and Radiohead among many others that testify to the Distortion+'s versatility.

Want to get your hands on a genuine 1976 specimen? The one pictured below? Go on, get a good look at it. It could be yours.

This particular pedal has been inspected, tested, and approved by Dunlop New Electronics Director and Way Huge founder Jeorge Tripps. He dated the pedal using the serial numbers inscribed on its potentiometers. It's in proper working condition, and you'll get an inspection card signed by the man himself for verification.

Getting your hands on this piece of history is as simple as answering three questions:

  • When did you first hear what you knew to be an MXR effect, what was it, and who was playing it and/or what song was it on?
  • What was your first MXR effect?
  • What's your favorite MXR effect, and why?

MXR will choose one of you at random to receive this pedal and will also use their favorite responses in an upcoming blog post.

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