My Incredibly Expensive MusikMesse Guitar Gear Shopping List

Amped columnist Rob Hicks tells you what to spend your money on after Messe   03-Apr-14


Rainger FX + Greenhouse Effects

There really weren't that many new pedals this year that being said the one's we did unearth we're pretty damn cool. Rainger FX have some of the coolest boutique pedals on the market today. With knife switches and VU meters they scream 'absolutely ****ing crazy' at you.

So, naturally I would have one of each from the range! The Greenhouse Effects 'Self Titled' pedal is a must. Analog modular pedal. It says it all right there really doesn't it?

It's effectively a shell which you can replace the main PCB so the pedal can become anything you want (right now the only options are Fuzz, OD, Treble and Bass Boost and a sweet as Hell sounding tremolo)


BluGuitar Amp1 - €650 + Remote €450

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So the the concept of this is not new. The idea of an amp in a pedal is an old one and there are plenty companies that make them.

This one is different however, primarily because it's actually useful. It isn't just a one trick pony it's a fully functioning, VALVE, 100w guitar amp which is not much bigger than a 707MkII. Most importantly, it actually sounds good. Granted, they're not as cheap as the others but when you consider that this is actually a useable, giggable guitar amp it's worth every penny. That's not all, the Amp1 has a companion, the Remote1.

The Remote1 allows you to create presets within the amp and then activate them remotely using the 8 button footswitch. €450 seems a little steep for a footswitch right? Well yes however this one will enable you to patch in your pedals as well. Thus allowing you to create presets combining the features of the amp and any/all of your pedals.

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