EBS Stompboxes On Offer

25% off list prices of selected pedals for a limited time   02-Apr-14

EBS Stompboxes On Offer

EBS and UK distributor Sound Technology have announced a special limited time price promotion on selected EBS Black Label effects pedals. List prices of nine pedals, including the best-selling EBS Multi-Comp, are reduced by 25% between 1 April and 31 July 2014.

EBS Black Label Pedals are designed for bass players but favoured by many guitarists thanks to their high quality signal path and extended low end.

The following pedals are included in the promotion:

  • MetalDrive    Was £119    PROMOTIONAL PRICE  £89
  • MultiDrive     Was £169    PROMOTIONAL PRICE  £125
  • MultiComp    Was £159    PROMOTIONAL PRICE  £119
  • DPhaser      Was £179     PROMOTIONAL PRICE   £129
  • OctaBass     Was £119     PROMOTIONAL PRICE  £89
  • UniChorus    Was £199     PROMOTIONAL PRICE  £149
  • BassIQ        Was £179     PROMOTIONAL PRICE  £129
  • TremoLo      Was £179     PROMOTIONAL PRICE  £129
  • DynaVerb    Was£ 179      ROMOTIONAL PRICE  £129

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