Review: MXR FET Driver Pedal

Amp in a box with classic lead blues tone   28-Mar-14

    MP4 10:8 mins    

MXR has a well earend pedigree of classic pedals and studio effects - some of their originals fetch alarming amounts in the second hand market.

The MXR FET Driver is a new pedal in the Amp In A Box style, offering drive and level together with two band EQ and a Hi Cut to emulate a tube driven gain channel. The FET stands for Field Effect Transistor and is known for it's sweet, tube-like sustain and soft clipping. The FET Drive pedal uses an op-amp gain stage into the FET stage with basic but effective tone controls (Hi and Lo).

In our test rig - which was an American Fender Telecaster '52 reissue into the Vox Bruno 18 - it really sang - reviewer Murph was impressed with it's range of tones and character. All mic'd up with the SeElectronics Voodoo VR-1 - our go to Ribbon mic for gitar reviews.

The pedal features true bypass and runs on standard 9v battery or power supply.

It's becoming available shortly priced at £139 in the UK - no US price information at present.



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