Modelled Fender Amp For Free

AXP's SoftAmp FM25 VST for Windows is a virtual Frontman 25R   24-Mar-14

Modelled Fender Amp For Free

AXP tells us that the new SoftAmp FM25 is a virtual-analog model of the Fender Frontman 25R combo amp. The Frontman is a solid-state practice amplifier for electric guitar, equipped with 10" speaker, 2 channels that share a 3-band equalizer, and a spring reverb. It might not seem the obvious choice for a modelled amp but AXP explains...

"Huh, a solid state Fender practice amp model. Now that is an interesting choice" - was the initial response from one of the beta testers. The reason for that choice is simple: Frontman 25R was the first guitar amp I've ever owned. To my best knowledge its digital model did not exist, so I decided to fill the gap. And after all, who needs yet another incarnation of say, JCM800? :)

This VST model is a tribute to the original design and faithfully models all its essential features. It is mainly intended for quick and simple recording of draft tracks as well as for some live jamming whenever you don't feel like setting up a more sophisticated amp simulator.

This one runs straight out of the box, looks exactly like a guitar amp and has everything you need to start playing - clean and distorted channels with speaker simulation and a reverb!

As usual, it's got all the conveniences associated with AXP plug-ins, like a stereo processing capability, high quality anti-aliasing oversampling and switchable speaker simulation.

All controls are carefully mapped to produce linear sound pressure level changes, i.e. they are linearized in dB scale.

In addition, there's a special switch added late in the beta test cycle – the "AXP Mod". It does two things:

Replaces all gain stages with vacuum triodes (each based on the SoftAmp 3OD algorithm)
Alters the tone stack's middle control frequency response

Yes, you've read it right, with a flip of a switch a solid-state amp becomes a tube one and the real fun begins! You already knew I couldn't stand the temptation to do something like this, right?

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