Dimebag Pickups

Seymour Duncan releases the Dimebag Signature Set   24-Mar-14

Dimebag Pickups

Seymour Duncan has released the Dimebag Signature Set, consisting of a Dimebucker and a SH-1 '59 Bridge. Here's what the company has to say about this new pickup set:

At the time Dime came to us in 2000 he had already been using the '59 neck pickup for years. In the bridge he had been using the XXL-500 but still felt something was missing. We worked with him to find a pickup that would be a perfect match for his ideal tone and came up with the Dimebucker. The Dimebucker uses a powerful ceramic magnet coupled with stainless steel blades for vulgar attitude. The secret to the Dimebucker's hard-hitting crunch is the small amount of metal mass in the core of the pickup. This allows the Dimebucker to have both high d.c. resistance (16.25k ohms ) and a high resonant peak (5.1k Hz). The result is a pickup with lots of biting treble, punchy bass, immense clarity and eyebrow raising squeal harmonics. With such massive power it requires a neck pickup that can provide an equal compliment of balance and versatility.

The new Dime set comes with a Dimebucker bridge and a '59 bridge for the neck, which is what Dime preferred as the companion to the Dimebucker. The '59 provides a tone that is warm and smooth and the use of the bridge version in the neck gives increased output for a better output balance with the Dimebucker.

In a 2004 interview, Dimebag described the tone of the Dimebucker: "It's very saturated–not to the point where it's overly fuzzy–but it has a smooth and crunchy distortion tone. It will give you some extra gain, but it won't go so far that your sound breaks up and is going crazy. You get that warm tone with the distortion mixed in and it has the low end that's kicking you in the butt while the top end is cutting your face off in the right way, but not ripping your face off.  If you ever listen to a Pantera record, that's what you'll hear through this pickup." –Dimebag Darrell

While Dimebag relied on our SH-1 '59 neck pickup for many years before officially joining the Seymour Duncan family, once the Dimebucker was installed in his guitars in 2000 it was necessary for the slightly hotter '59 to be installed to give some extra teeth to his solos. He went with the '59 bridge version which is now available as a set with the Dimebucker in either black or zebra.

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