Win A TC G-System Limited Signed By Guthrie Govan

Just sign up to their newsletter to enter the contest   20-Mar-14

Win A TC G-System Limited Signed By Guthrie Govan

TC Electronic are offering the chance to win a G-System Limited Edition, signed by Guthrie Govan. Here's what TC has to say...

To have a chance to win, all we ask is for you to sign up for one of our newsletters: Guitar, Bass - or Studio. Since you're reading this, you already receive at least one newsletter, but check out if there's any other categories that tickle your fancy.
If that doesn't work, sign up your band mates and have a G-System Duel if you win. (Bickering and loss of friendship may occur). If you are already signed up to all our newsletters (thanks for that, by the way), you can still win by signing up for any newsletter you choose. You won't receive it twice, but you'll still be in the drawing. That's just our way of saying 'thanks' for being a loyal fan.

How to sign up
Now, this is important. You can ONLY sign up for this drawing by going to our Guthrie Govan G-System splash page. We've added some cool vids, pictures and stories about Guthrie so there's something to do and see. Just click the button below if you want to participate and it'll all become clear. Good luck, and we'll announce a winner on TC Facebook on April 14th, and we'll also notify the lucky winner by email.

Pricing and Availability:
Free entry.

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