MESSE 2014: Little Labs The Pepper

Pepper - a Swiss army knife of interface creativity designed in the Little Labs tradition   19-Mar-14

    MP4 9:59 mins    

Johnathan Little is a bit of an audio guru - he's also very well plugged-in to what real-life musicians and engineers would find incredibly useful, and builds a range of small smart boxes to solve a whole bunch of problems, and offer a load more opportunities for doing things in a really clever way.

Thing is, you probably need a personal introduction from Johnathan himself to really understand their capabilities.... so that's exactly what we have here; Mr. Littlelabs himself explaining his latest creation The Pepper.... which, true to form, offers a shedload of options in a tiny package.

It's designed to be a guitarist or engineer's main 'control centre' and offers such things as variable input load  impedance selection; a hard-bypassed buffered insert for pedals (by button or footswitch selection); a Pro-level insert (very high quality differential amplifier with up to 24dB gain) with variable level Send and Return knobs, Cut and Polarity buttons (the Pro insert is also hard-bypassed and controllable via the footswitch option).

The insert options are great for re-amping, and the controls allow the perfect levels to be set using the polarity switch and variable dry/wet mix to null the signal at the desired level. Neat.

And of course, it allows parallel processing of effected and clean paths - just blend for the perfect cocktail ;-]

Anyway, there's a whole bunch more in a very tiny box which plays nicely with other members of the Littlelabs family, such as the PCP instrument distribution unit - Johnathan can explain better than I can!


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