MESSE 2014: Carl Martin Octa Switch & 6 Pack VIDEO

New foot switch and multi effects from Carl Martin   15-Mar-14

    MP4 5:32 mins    

First up its a look at the new pedal board friendly Octa Switch mkiii, something which Rob confessed he has wanted for a long time. If you have 8 effects pedals which you use regularly in different combinations but are not that great at tap dancing then this could be for you. Your eight effects plug into the eight effects-loops on the back of this unit (all true-bypass, impedance free gold relays so you can run any of your pedals, new and old without problem), and then by turning on or off the numbered switches in each of eight DIP Bank switches, you determine which effects you wish to use simultaneously in each Bank.

Secondly its a look at the completely new 6 Pack. A programmable, digitally controlled, analogue multi effects unit. The 6 Pack has 99 banks each with 4 presets, giving a whopping 396 programs. You get Echo, Tremolo, Chorus, Boost, Overdrive and Compression, all of which are easily editable on the fly.

Although there is not much info on the Carl Martin website as of yet as these are completely new products I'm they will be updating that soon so keep an eye out!

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