Messe 2014: New Blackstar ID:Core Series

3 Super Wide Stereo combos from Blackstar   13-Mar-14

    MP4 4:27 mins    

New for Messe 2014 from Blackstar Amplification is the ID:Core Stereo series. It's hard to explain what the Super Wide Stereo part of these sounds like you really have to hear them for it to make sense but it creates the illusion that the delay and reverb is coming from elsewhere and not the teeny-weeny box in front of you.

They are insanely cheap, the 40watt combo is sub £200! After hearing just a few of the settings on the 40w version (the series is a 10w, 20w and a 40w) I really think this is a possible contender for a THR killer. I'm sure we'll get one in the office soon enough and really put it through it's paces but for now check out the video and the website for more info.


Rob H

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