MESSE 2014: Self Titled Modular Pedal From Greenhouse Effects

Replaceable PCB modular pedal   12-Mar-14


I first met Roy from Greenhouse Effects back in 2012 at the Loopers Paradise booth here at Messe. Since then he's made quite a few changes to the original line up including a modular pedal which is user customisable.

The concept is pretty cool, you take a pedal with three dials on it and you create a system whereby the user can switch out the core of the pedal by removing and replacing the main PCB. The result, the Self Titled from Greenhouse Effects.

It comes with two modules/PCB of your choice (OD, Fuzz, Tremolo, Treble and Bass Boost) and can be switched over in a matter of minutes. It also uses relay switching for instantaneous, silent switching and uses true-bypass so even if something goes wrong with the power your signal is unaffected.


Rob H

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