The Jim Dunlop EP101 Pedal Meets The Echoplex EP3 - With Portishead's Adrian Utley (Video)

An A/B test between the new Echoplex pedal and the EP3 unit it's modelled on   07-Mar-14

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The Echoplex EP3 was the first Echoplex unit to include a solid state preamp, and soon became a sought after sound for guitarists.

Surprisingly, it wasn't just used for its tape delay, many guitarists used it purely for the sound of its preamp, adding it into the signal chain to give their tone a distinct flavour.

The EP3 did something special to the high mid-range, and you can here this in action when used by guitarists such as Jimmy Page and Eric Johnson.

Some companies have built pedals to try and replicate this sound, but none have officially licenced the Echoplex brand name... until now.

Jim Dunlop's Echoplex EP101 preamp aims to bring the sound of the Echoplex EP3 to your pedal board, giving up to +11dB of boost.

Who better to discuss the Echoplex brand than a man who has used it on countless recordings? So we took a trip to see Portishead's Adrian Utley in his studio.

Alongside Adrian, Sonic State reviewer Richard Beech tested the Echoplex EP101 pedal against the Echoplex EP3 - and talked to Ade about what makes the Echoplex so special.

See the results of that trip in the video above.

Editor's note: For anyone who wants to hear more of the Jim Dunlop Echoplex EP101 in action, we have a full review coming soon. But not only that, we'll also be taking a look at the Mojo Hand Speakeasy, which also aims to replicate the sound of the legendary EP3.

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