Column: My NAMM Guitar Shopping List Is Going To Hurt My Wallet

Richard Beech lists everything from NAMM he now wants to add to his rig   28-Feb-14


When it comes to guitars, I didn't see altogether that much that blew me away this year. I'm difficult to please, because I have so many damn guitars already, and I'm overly particular about what I like (I admit that).

First off, I have to state my admiration for the Knaggs Chesapeake range, the Black Pearl is one of the most beautiful things I think I've ever seen, and it's clear how much love and hard work goes into each of those guitars.

That's not a new guitar for NAMM 2014 though, so it's cheating to put it on my shopping list.

I must admit that I recently found a local guitar store that stocks Knaggs guitars, and I go in there fairly often just to plug into a Fender Twin and enjoy myself until I get kicked out. I'll just keep doing that for a while until I finally crumble and give my credit card a hammering.

One thing I would be interested in purchasing is an 8-string guitar. I know my playing style doesn't suit it, but I actually think you could make some beautiful compositions with an 8-string if you resist the urge to shred/chug.

Is there any new guitar I saw at NAMM that I would actually add to my rig? I'd actually probably say I'm happy with what I already have, and I'm grateful for what I have!

Although, obviously, if anyone wants to buy me a Fender Custom Shop Telecaster with TV Jones classics, you know where to find me.

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