Review: Wampler Velvet Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz with a Wampler twist   14-Feb-14

    MP4 8:51 mins    

We are fans of Wampler pedals here - The Sovereign is just delicious - check our review. So we were expecting something special from the new Velvet Fuzz.

It is a fuzz pedal yes. But it also has the sort of tones you get from a driven EL34 tube amp, combining Fuzz and Distortion to great effect. The Big/Tight switch  gives you the control of just how much distortion is a part of the sound.

Our only criticism is that the Brightness knob doesn't get all that bright, just short of that crazy psychedelic tone some fuzz pedals offer, but it is capable of a range of really great tones.

Another desirable pedal from Wampler, £200 for a hand made pedal with this much charisma seems like a fair price.


  • Volume
  • Fuzz - with Big and Tight settings
  • Brightness
  • 9v board mount input
  • 23mA draw


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