NAMM Awards: Top 10 Best Guitar Amplifiers From The Show in 2014

We wish we could have taken ALL of these guitar amps home with us   13-Feb-14

NAMM Awards: Top 10 Best Guitar Amplifiers From The Show in 2014

NAMM is over for another year - and the show where guitar companies congregate in Anaheim to unveil their latest products felt bigger (and louder) than ever in 2014.

The common theme at NAMM this year seemed to be the triumphant domination of the tube amplifier, despite a couple of noteworthy product releases in the world of digitial amplification, tube amps stole the show.

It seemed that the major manufacturers had cottoned onto the fact that boutique guitar amp designers were cornering the market, and had plotted together to release a number of high profile new amplifiers.

The result was a heady mix of new boutique amps and a plethora of handwired offerings from major companies, it was a tube-addict's dream.

And while it's difficult to pick a top five, there were definitely some favourites among the SonicState staff, so we thought we'd share them here.

Don't pay too much attention to the order, because each of these amps is great, but here's our top 10 guitar amps from NAMM 2014.

10. Line 6 Amplifi

Utterly divisive, and the source of much debate on the interweb during the week of NAMM. The Line 6 Amplifi definitely has some interesting features and brings some cool ideas to the table.

The divisive bit seems to be whether it actually sounds any good, or if it is just innovation for innovation's sake.

Being able to call up a song on a library and having the amp match your tone to the guitar tone on the song is cool, but how close is the match?

There is a very long list of questions about this amp, and we'll answer all of them when we review it.

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