How To Drop $9k - NAMM Hi-Tech Shopping List

The best buys from NAMM - chosen by us, well me.   12-Feb-14

iZotope Break Tweaker

Some great ideas in here for beat manipulation, this product it another that was made in conjunction with trance/glitch artist BT who collaborated on Stutter Edit too.  With multiple tracks that can work at different, master tempo related sub tempos, you can get what iZotope call Iso-rhythms, plus the level of macro tweaking makes it pretty interesting for working up unusual beats. Couldnt spot any shuffle or swing in this version but I suspect that will be coming soon. What does look interesting is the drum synthesis and sample playback engine which allows for creating custom sounds.



I confess as a kid I used to make my own drumsticks and “play” a two tennis racquets as my drums. I was caught playing my home-made kit by a friend which led to me being nicknamed “Cozy Batt” after Cozy Powell though not for my drumming skillz.  This new innovation totally appeals to that part of me and - I used to own a kit but sold it due to lack of space, this would allow me to wig out relatively discretely. And it's actually pretty articulate. Only available for PC though but an OS X version is on the way. It converts your movements via a gaming camera into MIDI data that can drive VST instruments. Neat and somehow I like the fact that it's almost a non-technology instrument - sort of a meta instrument.


Arturia Beat Step

Almost forgot this one and I don't know why. Remarkable MIDI Pad controller with built in step sequencer and CV/Gate output priced at only $99! Yes please. Even if you were just to use it as a MIDI/CV converter, its not bad value. Hook it up to a MicroBrute and goodness knows how much fun you'd be in for.


So thats it, by my reckoning, that little spree set me back around $8,834 US which I think is a pretty reserved spend, Perhaps I should just chuck in a Schmidt Polysynth for a cool $20k to plum it up a bit....

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