How To Drop $9k - NAMM Hi-Tech Shopping List

The best buys from NAMM - chosen by us, well me.   12-Feb-14

Behringer X-Touch Mini

I know I could have gone for the larger and more featured X-Touch with it's Mackie HUI emulation or the  X-Touch MIDI, but I really like the look of the MINI and it's a perfect fit for use here to control our setup. With 8 backlit rotaries, a fader and plenty of buttons, plus a fader, it would fit in just swell. A mere $59 US but sadly it looks like we’ll have to wait until Q3 this year till we see any of the X-Touch range.


Elektron RYTM

Another cracker from Elektron who’s accelerated frequency of releases seems to have outstripped the last three or four years in the last 18 months. RTYM certainly sounds good, an analog/sample based drum machine, it takes the power of the parameter locking sequencer that is Elektron’s calling card and combines their new found analog circuitry to make what sounds like a monster. I know it's not a low cost machine, but it's still less than the Tempest, and thats something to think about.

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