How To Drop $9k - NAMM Hi-Tech Shopping List

The best buys from NAMM - chosen by us, well me.   12-Feb-14

Buchla iPatch

This is neat - adding memory to the Buchla Easel, all programmable via an iPad. Of course for it to be of any use, I’m going to need an actual Buchla Easel too  (around $3.5k)- but what the heck if I’m shopping, there’s no stopping me.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - a synthesizer in luggage - how can you resist?


UA Apollo Twin  

A tasty form factor with two lovely mic preamps, I liked the Apollo Quad, but this is just more desirable, I’ll need a full compliment of UAD plugins to go with it too which will cost many more times the 900$ asking price for the two Sharc chip equipped hardware. Thunderbolt only and sadly only for Mac just now, but we hope that it will be forthcoming. And a new Mac Pro to go with it please.

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