Blog: Guitar Tracker App Tells You When To Change Your Strings

Amped blogger Michael Elsner has discovered a handy tool for busy guitarists   11-Feb-14

Blog: Guitar Tracker App Tells You When To Change Your Strings

Michael Elsner

Amped blogger Michael Elsner is a session guitarist and composer, his music has been featured on various hit TV shows and primetime commercials. In this blog, he introduces Guitar Tracker - a free tool for guitarists who like to keep things organised...

Guitar Tracker, by Music Nomad Equipment Care, is a free web application that is accessible on all devices. With this app, you can keep track of, and maintain, all your guitars, pedals and amplifiers.

To get started, simply create a user account at and log in. Once you've created your own private profile, you can start inputting the specifics of your gear into one of four categories: Guitars, Amps, Pedals, and Other. Within each category, your gear is then organized alphabetically according to manufacturer and model.

Important key information such as serial number, year of manufacture, and price paid, can be included, as well as up to four photos for each piece of gear. You can keep track of string brand, gauge and tuning for each guitar and also input specific pedal and amp notes.

Guitar Tracker has included a list of tasks that are automatically assigned to your Guitars. You can choose whether or not you want to be alerted via e-mail when these tasks come due. These tasks include clean/polish, restring, set intonation, and oil fingerboard. Other tasks such as adjust action, adjust neck, adjust pickups allow you to include action and relief measurements as well as pickup height. Knowing these measurements will surely help keep your guitars setup to their optimal playing settings.

Once you've started performing these tasks on your instruments, you can view and/or email yourself, or anyone else for that matter, a complete history of the care and maintenance for each piece of gear. This is ideal when you need to bring your guitars in for servicing or repair.

In a nutshell, Guitar Tracker is an easy to use application that takes the guess work out of maintaining, and keeping track of your gear. You no longer have to wonder 'when was the last time I changed strings' or 'what was the action I liked best on this guitar?' All that information is stored in a clear and concise manner which can be accessed at the drop of a hat.

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