NAMM 2014: Vox Tone Garage Pedals - Analog Stomps (Video Demo)

The V8 distortion, Flat 4 boost, Straight 6 drive, Trike fuzz and Double Deca Delay   11-Feb-14

    MP4 5:27 mins    

We caught up with Freddy Demarco of Vox Amps to chat about the company's Tone Garage range - a new set of pedals released late last year.

Three of the five new pedals feature tube circuitry, with the V8 distoriton, the Flat 4 boost and the Straight 6 drive all boast a single Vox 12AX7 tube.

The other two pedals in the range are both analog offerings. The Trike fuzz and Double Deca delay complete the line-up.

The Trike Fuzz is a particularly versatile fuzz pedal, with octave options and everything rich smooth fuzz sounds, to screwed up Jack White-esque tones.

Check out the video above to hear all the pedals in action.

Written by Richard Beech.
Filmed by Andy McCreeth, presented by Richard Beech.
Demo by Freddy Demarco of Vox Amps.

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