NAMM Awards: Top 10 Best Effects Pedals From This Year's Show

We run through this year's best in show - SonicState style   10-Feb-14

NAMM Awards: Top 10 Best Effects Pedals From This Year's Show

With NAMM 2014 firmly behind us - we're running through our favourite new guitar gear from the show.

First up - we're counting down our top 10 effects pedals released during NAMM 2014 - which essentially means we're counting down the top 10 effects pedals released so far in 2014.

It looks like it's going to be a huge year for pedals, which is a good thing for our pedal boards, but not such a great thing for our wallets.

We've had to assign a numerical order to these pedals, but don't make too much of that, all of these pedals are equally great.

So without any further ado, let's get on with the SonicState NAMM Awards for 2014 - for the best 10 effects pedals.

10. MXR Uni-Vibe

A classic sound recreated by MXR, a rich mix of chorus and vibrato which can take you from mellow vintage sounds right up to a swarm of psychedlic noise.

It's one of those pedals that has every journalist and review reaching for the thesaurus and bringing out the adjectives and superlatives.

It's rich, it shimmers, it wobbles and shakes, and it's one of the greatest modulation sounds recreated in a tiny box. We've seen it before in the form of a limited-edition Jimi Hendrix version, but now it's a full production model.

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