The Tube-Vibe Is Back

Effectrode now has stocks of their Uni-Vibe redesign   10-Feb-14

The Tube-Vibe Is Back

Effectrode has been in touch to tell us that during the busy holiday rush they sold out of Tube-Vibe pedals but have just completed building a batch of 100. They say that this batch are finished in a beautiful retro-purple powercoat, stoved graphics and cream Dakaware chicken head knobs.

The Tube-Vibe is a no compromise, innovative & original re-design of the classic Uni-Vibe. The pre-amp, mixer and phase-shifters sections are built on triode tubes operating at real amp plate voltages and it has a powerful L.F.O. that makes it possible to sculpt thick, swampy vibe tones at higher modulation rates through to textural & spacious chorus effects at slower rates.

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