NAMM 2014: Tom Quayle Shows Off His New Fibenare Signature Guitar (Video Demo)

The modern fusion master has a new axe - and he's pretty chuffed about it!   05-Feb-14

    MP4 6:31 mins    

It's always a pleasure to watch Tom Quayle play, especially when his usual incredible playing style is enhanced by his excitement over getting a new signature guitar.

Tom was kind enough to talk us through his new Fibenare guitar and give us a bit of a demo, the Hungarian-made work of art looks and sounds beautiful, and Tom tells us it plays like a dream too.

The guitar is built entirely by hand, with all of the neck scaling done by eye (how is that even humanly possible)?!

We were chatting to Tom Quayle at he Wampler booth at NAMM 2014 when he gave us the demo, and he was running his guitar through his signature Wampler Dual Fusion pedal.

Even though we're slightly jealous of his new guitar, we'll say congratulations, and even though we're slightly jealous of his blisteringly fast left hand, we'll remain friends with him, but only if he lets us play on his new guitar.

Written by Richard Beech.
Filmed by Robert Hicks, presented by Richard Beech.

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