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TC Electronic announces free Mastodon Toneprints from Bill, Brent and Troy   04-Feb-14

TC Electronic has released free Mastodon Toneprints for their range of pedals. They are also giving you a chance to win a Corona Chorus and Flashback Delay signed by Troy and Brent.

A spokesperson had this to say, "Mastodon have been around since 1999, and from the ultra-heavy March Of The Fire Ants to the intricate layers of Oblivion, these guys have set the world of metal and rock ablaze with surprise after surprise. If you are familiar with their music, it should come as no surprise that their super-creative songwriting and surprising sounds shine through in the TonePrints they made. They're available now and for free! Plus, you can win pedals signed by Bill, Brent and Troy. You Mastodon't want to miss this!

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