NAMM 2014: Temple Audio Locking Pedal Board System - Truly Genius

Lightweight pedal board with a brilliant solution to messy cables and wires   03-Feb-14

   5:57 mins    

This is one of those ideas we should all have thought of a long time ago, we all dropped the ball on this one.

The new pedal board from Temple Audio is probably one of the simplest but most brilliant ideas we saw at NAMM 2014.

The board itself is a lightweight sheet of metal with a number of holes drilled through, you attach a pad to the bottom of your pedals which has a corresponding screw. The screw then attaches from the underside of the board, through one of the aforementioned holes - eliminating the need for velcro and also securely locking your pedal in place.

On top of this, the multiple holes in the board mean you can route your cables underneath the board (which has a ground clearance of up to around half a foot due to its sloped design). No more messy cables.

It's an utterly brilliant idea, but with high-end custom-built wooden pedal boards currently being in vogue right now, is there a gap in the market for something so utilitarian?

Starting at $199, it's a cheaper option than a custom-built board, we're tipping this for big things.

Written by Richard Beech.
Filmed by Rob Hicks, presented by Richard Beech.

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