NAMM 2014: Charvel Joe DuPlantier Signature San Dimas Style 2 (Video)

Gojira's Joe DuPlantier gets a new signature model available to the public   01-Feb-14

We caught up with Charvel's Mike McGregor at NAMM 2014 to talk about the new Charvel Joe DuPlantier Signature San Dimas Style 2 guitar, unveiled at NAMM.

The T-style body is a metal machine with a classic look, something specified by the Gojira guitarist.

DuPlantier calls it a "killing machine with class" and who are we to disagree with him?

Joe's been destroying venues with it, and you can own it too, as it's available now from Charvel.

For the full low-down on the new model, check out the video above.


Written by Richard Beech.
Filmed by Rob Hicks, presented by Richard Beech.

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