NAMM 2014: Mod Kits DIY Wahtz Wah Demoed At NAMM

Build your own wah pedal and mod it to your heart's content   27-Jan-14

    MP4 4:57 mins    

We caught up with Gale Estrada from Mod Kits DIY - who specialise in pedal kits you can build yourself and add your own mods and upgrades.

Mod Kits DIY have just released their new Wahtz Wah pedal, designed to be a modern take on a classic wah sound, and with a build difficulty of four out of five.

The point to point wiring circuitry means mods can be added relatively easily (depending on your level of experience) after the initial build process.

But as Gale mentions in the video, this is a wah designed to have its own signature sound, and it's a great project if you've built a couple of pedals before.

Check out the video above to see/hear the Mod Kits DIY Wahtz Wah in action.

Written by Richard Beech.
Filmed by Andy McCreeth, presented by Richard Beech.
Product demonstration by Gale Estrada of Mod Kits DIY.

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