NAMM 2014: Marshall 1962HW NEW Bluesbreaker Style Combo (Video Demo)

Woah, just woah, this thing has a clean tone to empty your wallet for   26-Jan-14

Marshall have announced a combo and a stack version of their new Marshall 1962HW - a handwired Bluesbreaker in the finest tradition of Britains best known amp company.

Marshall's Steve Smith was kind enough to give us a demo of the product, and the thing just sounds glorious.

The clean tone, particularly when paired with Steve's Stratocaster is just exactly the sound every record producer wants to record. With sparkling highs and a mid-range spank it really feels like Marshall are back with a bang after a few years of signature amps and smaller combos.

This is pure thoroughbred classic Marshall, as if Marshall have cottoned onto the fact that a lot of amp manufacturers out there are reproducing their 1960s sound, and have decided to battle head-to-head on this front.

Check out the video above to hear it for yourself. The only problem is - no retail price has been set yet, but with each amp handwired in the UK, they're not going to come cheap.

Written by Richard Beech.
Filmed by Rob Hicks, presented by Richard Beech.
Demonstration by Steve Smith of Marshall Amps.

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