NAMM 2014: Line 6 Amplifi - Bluetooth Amp from Line 6 (Video)

Tone so good, it should be illegal?   26-Jan-14

    MP4 13:31 mins    

Before I start, Line 6 make some seriously cool stuff, don't get me wrong, but this one leaves a bit to be desired. Line 6 have dubbed this 'the guitar amp reinvented'. Now, I'm not much of a philistine but I'm not 100% sure the guitar amp needs reinventing, plently of companies are making incredible sounding amps using things like transisters and valves. Tone to me comes from saturating a valve to the point at which it can't quite handle it anymore and not from a microprocessor telling me 'this is what a saturated amp sounds like'.

It comes in two models, a 75w ($399) and a 150w ($499) and as a Bluetooth hifi system I can't fault it but the Amplifi app seems to have missed the mark.

Check out the video and listen for yourself but I'm not quite sold on this one.

Written by Rob Hicks.

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