NAMM 2014: Vox Night Train G2 New Combos And Heads (Video Demo)

Classic JC style clean tones and modern US high-gain - we're impressed   24-Jan-14

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Vox have unveiled a couple of new additions to the Night Train series at NAMM this year, with a 15-watt G2 combo (also available as a head) and a 40-watt G2 Night Train head.

What immediately strikes you is the responsiveness of both amps, on a clean setting both amps respond beautifully to sharp increases in picking dynamics and velocity, and Vox describe it as a classic Vox clean tone in an affordable and compact package.

But when Freddy DeMarco demonstrated the amps for SonicState at NAMM 2014, it felt more like a classic Jazz Chorus clean tone, just so honest and responsive, showing the character of the guitar - and most importantly the playing style and character of the guitarist playing through the amp.

But then with a couple of EQ changes and the twist of a gain knob, it turns into a growling high-gain amplifier with a modern US-style distortion.

There's obviously a middle-ground too, and while the crunch and distortion tones are likely to suit the tastes of many guitarists out there, it's the clean tone we were really taken with.

So perhaps the new G2 Night Trains would suit the type of guitarist who wants to play heavy rock and roll, but also wants the option of having a clean tone with a bit of soul and tenderness to it. Somebody who is influenced by James Taylor and Zakk Wylde in equal measure... does such a person exist? We don't know!

To hear both amps in action, check out the video at the top of this story.

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Written by Richard Beech - @RichTheJourno.
Filmed by Andy McCreeth, Presented by Richard Beech.
Demonstration by Freddy DeMarco.

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