NAMM 2014: 65Amps Whiskey Video Demo - PLUS Interview With Dan Boul

New boutique high(er) gain amplifier from 65Amps sounds absolutely rocking   24-Jan-14

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It's always a pleasure to catch up with Dan Boul - owner of 65Amps - what's better than sitting in a room and listening to boutique Californian amps based on old school British sound?

The new 65Amps Whiskey is something that sounded particularly exciting when it was announced ahead of NAMM 2014, it takes the 65Amps sensibility but offers higher gain than we've previously seen on any of the company's previous line of amps.

It also features a clean channel which bypasses the master switch, meaning you can control your clean volume independently of the gain channel. This effectively means you can balance up the volumes of either channel to your personal liking, so neither your clean tone or your distortion tone will disappear in sacrifice of the other when you're switching between them.

The 65Amps Whiskey is based on a Marshall circuit, but with a few mods here and there to give it the signature 65 sound. The story goes back to when Dan Boul was rocking a Marshall back in the 80s, and took it to Reinhold Bogner for a facelift - 30 years later and Dan wanted to be able to offer that sound to the world, the Whiskey was born.

You've really got to hear this thing, it's up there with the best rock tones we've ever heard. Watch the video above to see/hear for yourself.

Written by Richard Beech - @RichTheJourno.
Filmed by Rob Hicks, presented by Richard Beech.
Product demonstration by Dan Boul of 65Amps.

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