NAMM 2014: Dunlop Echoplex Preamp (Video Demo) - A Novel Concept

If you like the preamp tone of the old Echoplex units, you'll probably love this   24-Jan-14

    MP4 8:47 mins    

The old Echoplex echo units are renowned for the way they flavour the signal path when running between a guitar and an amp.

Even with delay settings being set to zero, the warmth given by the circuit was a signature tone for a number of guitarists back in the day.

So Jim Dunlop came up with the cool idea of bringing out the Echoplex preamp, a small pedal which aims to bring this sound onto your pedal board by way of a boost pedal.

They're not the first to base a preamp pedal on the Echoplex, but they're the first to licence the name from the original Maestro unit.

It's a cool idea, and while we all wish we could own an Echoplex, (or many Echoplexes) we don't all have that kind of cash lying around - plus they're not the sort of thing you'd want to be taking on the road with your when you're gigging with your band.

It'd be interesting to compare this to the Xotic Effects version and see how they differ - we can feel a side-by-side comparison coming on.

Bryan Kehoe and Bob Cedro from Jim Dunlop talked us through the new Echoplex Preamp, as well as a number of new pedals from MXR and Way Huge.

Watch the video above to see/hear them all in action.

Written by Richard Beech.
Filmed by Rob Hicks, Presented by Richard Beech.

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