Eventide Announces H9 Core

Un-bundled H9 Harmonizer stomp box offers same sound and features for 20% less   22-Jan-14

Eventide Announces H9 Core

Eventide has unveiled the newest addition to the  H9 stompbox line: H9 Core.  Available now, the H9 Core delivers the  sounds of Eventide's H910 and H949 Harmonizers - the prized studio processors used on stage by such luminaries as Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page, and Eddie VanHalen.  All of Eventide's stompbox effects, including new H9 exclusives, UltraTap Delay and Resonator, can be added to H9 Core.

H9 Core features a simple, one-knob user interface and is fully-featured as a standalone stompbox. Eventide says that using H9 Core with the H9 Control app for Windows, OSX (via USB), or iOS (wirelessly via Bluetooth), makes creating and managing presets, live control, and in-app algorithm purchases easy.  H9 owners can sync up to 5 H9s to a single Eventide.com account so their H9 algorithms can be used by 5 H9s simultaneously.

Ray Maxwell, Eventide's VP of Sales and Marketing, told us, "The un-bundled H9 Core is the perfect add-on for an H9 owner. Alternatively, H9 Core is a great place to start for users who want to customize their H9 with only the algorithms they want at a lower price of entry."

All of Eventide's stompbox algorithms and their associated presets are available for audition and in-app purchase through the H9 Control app. Drag and drop presets into custom preset lists for your upcoming shows.

H9 and H9 Core feature True Analog Bypass, MIDI, and a built-in tuner. 

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