NAMM 2014 Guitar Preview: Every Single Darned Thing You Need To Know

Gossip, rumours and intel on the BIGGEST event in the guitar calendar   14-Jan-14

It's all quiet on the guitar front so far. As usual Gibson have gone early with their announcement, revealing to the world that they have 28 new guitars and basses for 2014; a whopping figure.

One thing you CAN expect is to see lots of seven and eight string models. Because, well, they're in vogue right now.

  • Schecter Hellraiser range additions
  • Charvel Guthrie Govan signature
  • Gibson has a whole new range of guitars - 28 of them in fact
  • Fender is also releasing a big new range including a Jim Root Jazzmaster
  • FOUR new guitars from Chapman Guitars
  • Metalocalypse Toki Wartooth V
  • Airline Harmony H78 Tributes
  • New Gretsch Roots collection

We'll be going to press events with Fender, Orange, Roland, Knaggs, TC Electronic and many more, posting throughout the day from Wednesday-Sunday. So stay tuned and watch this space.

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