NAMM 2014 Guitar Preview: Every Single Darned Thing You Need To Know

Gossip, rumours and intel on the BIGGEST event in the guitar calendar   14-Jan-14

The amplifier world seems to be lining up for a high-gain war this year. A number of companies you wouldn't usually associate with high-gain amplifiers are releasing big, loud amps with loads of overdrive.

Here's a little run-down of what we're expecting:

  • 65Amps are releasing a high-gain amp in their Redline range
  • Yamaha are likely to have a new amp in their THR range, perhaps catered for live use
  • Line 6 have announced a new amplifier, but details have not been released
  • Rivera Venus Deux
  • Fender Pawn Shop Vaporizer
  • You can bet your last dollar on new Orange amps
  • PRS Archon (new high-gain amp)
  • Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb head
  • Fender 57 Deluxe new edition
  • Blackstar have something really cool, but we can't tell you what it is!

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