Learn Hybrid Picking

LickLibrary launch 51 Hybrid Picking Licks You Must Learn DVD   14-Jan-14

Learn Hybrid Picking

LickLibrary and Stuart Bull tell us that they have created a 'toolbox' of 51 Hybrid Picking Licks You Must Learn, giving guitarists everywhere an arsenal of secret weapons they can employ for a more intricate, dynamic guitar sound. By using the Hybrid Picking technique, a plectrum alongside the fingers of the picking hand, the fret board is opened up and a more sensitive, bluesy sound is bought to rock guitar playing.

Stuart Bull, who has taught literally tens of thousands of guitarists across the globe, has put together his favorite hybrid picking licks on a guitar lesson DVD inspired by players such as Albert Lee and Supertramp's Carl Verheyen. Guitarists of all levels can learn this great technique, which can be used throughout many styles of music from country, blues and rock to help your playing to become more creative, inventive and adventurous.

LickLibrary  says that, in this easy to follow DVD, Stuart takes viewers through range of guitar lessons from easy to complex to build your technique and knowledge. They tell us that this DVD includes 51 licks using hybrid picking for many ideas and phrases such as rapid fire pentatonic licks, ascending and descending runs, blues scale ideas and much more.

A spokesperson told us, "51 Hybrid Picking Licks You must Learn will open the door to a whole new world of tunes that cannot be played using conventional picking techniques."

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