65Amps Tease Details Of New High Gain Amp For 2014

The amp will be unveiled at NAMM in Anaheim later this month   10-Jan-14

65Amps Tease Details Of New High Gain Amp For 2014
In space - no-one can hear your gain (Facebook - 65Amps)

Article by Richard Beech

Boutique amp company 65Amps have announced that they will be releasing a new redline amplifier at NAMM 2014, which takes place in Anaheim later this month.

Dan Boul, head honcho at 65Amps, took to the company's Facebook page to promise a 'raunchy' high-gain amplifier:

"Okay maybe we have a little NAMM surprise up our sleeves, after much discussion, thought, and suggestions, we're going to address GAIN.

"You wanted raunchy and fun? We're giving you raunchy and fun, look for a sneak peak on next week's show of a new redline amp that my friend Dave Friedman helped me put together! It will soothe the gainsters in the crowd very nicely!!"

The NAMM show takes place at the Anaheim Convention Centre and sees guitar companies, distributors, and guitar news publications congregate in one place for a four-day long celebration of guitars.

It is generally when guitar companies announce the release of their latest products, as the eyes of the world's guitar media are focused on the event.

As usual, we'll be there, filming videos of new products and bringing you live updates throughout the event.

Click here to see our exclusive factory tour with 65 Amps.

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