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TC Electronic announces Reverb Rules TonePrints   07-Jan-14

TC Electronic is launching a TonePrint package featuring reverb TonePrints. Tore Mogensen, TC Electronic's Business Manager for Guitar, told us,  "TonePrint was obviously a watershed moment for us and guitarists immediately took to it. To be able to combine TonePrint with a collection focused on reverbs, our home turf and something we deeply care about is just really cool. To be able to give guitarists TC's great reverb sounds, custom built by some of the finest in music ... well, it's just win-win for everyone."

Here's TC's press release with the details

Consisting of Steven Wilson, Guthrie Govan, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and Steve Morse, this TonePrint collection is sure to excite guitarists everywhere as these musicians are true tone connoisseurs and TC Electronic's reverbs are the industry standard. This package is available immediately and for free at or via the free TonePrint app for iOS and Android. All TonePrints are available for Hall OF Fame Reverb and Hall Of Fame Mini.

With three brand new TonePrints from Steven Wilson, Guthrie Govan and Paul Gilbert and the return of fan favorites Steve Vai and Steve Morse, this collection represents a handpicked selection of the finest reverb sounds currently available.

Kicking of the package is Steven Wilson with his Lonely Spring TonePrint. Based on a Spring Reverb template, this TonePrint has a hint of modulation to it. The result is a very organic reverb that immediately captures interest and inspiration, without dominating.

Paul Gilbert's Oh, That's Nice TonePrint is based around an old fashion plate reverb which harkens back to the early Van Halen albums. That big plate plash was a crucial part of Eddie's early tone. To perfectly nail this reverb sound Paul aimed for a smooth and full range reverb tail with just a hint of Tri-Chorus added to create movement and space to the sound.

Guthrie Govan took a practical approach and created Louisville Stomp as TonePrint he uses live when The Aristocrats play the song of the same name.  Based on a Spring Reverb, this TonePrint has a fairly long decay setting. As a final touch, a lot of the lower-middle frequencies are scooped out. The remaining top-end reverb creates the illusion of an old spring reverb in action.

Steve Vai's Ocean machine is a very popular choice for TonePrint users. It's  a very natural sounding reverb with a bit of chorus and Steve's very precise parameter and EQ settings. This TonePrint has a nice wide wash with a mellow bite and plenty of shine for your own tone. A bit introspective and slowly ebbing and flowing, this TonePrint does sound like the ocean indeed.

Rounding out the package is Steve Morse, who delivers two excellent Reverb TonePrints. The first one is simply named: Beautiful Reverb. Steve crafted this TonePrint particularly for big clean sounds. On these sounds the Reverb is an integrated part of the sound, full and lush.

His second TonePrint, Spring, is Steve's take on an old spring reverb. Steve likes old style spring reverbs and was impressed with his Spring Reverb TonePrint for the Hall Of Fame, so he based his sound around it. The spoingy character of a spring reverb is unmistakable and useful in countless Rock and Pop genres. Steve's twist on this TonePrint makes it suitable for lead and crunch sounds in particular.

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