So, The New Carvin Looks A Bit Like A Knaggs

More than a passing resemblance, and the internet has noticed   05-Jan-14

So, The New Carvin Looks A Bit Like A Knaggs
Spot the difference - Two Knaggs guitars alongside the new Carvin (right)

Despite being a global industry, the guitar world is actually a relatively small world.

If you design a guitar that looks a bit like one designed by a rival company, people will notice.

It happens quite often, in fact it happens all the time. There are only a limited number of variations on classic designs, and the classics are classics for a reason. People tend not to mess with them too much.

But Knaggs have developed an instantly recognisable brand of high-end guitars, often with luxurious finishes, and often employing the use of a beautiful 3D effect on the body showing both the naked wood and the paint job at the hip.

Carvin's new SCB6 employs a similar design, and when Carvin unveiled their guitar on their Facebook page, a number of people pointed out the resemblance.

The New Carvin SCB6

So much so, in fact, that the guitar's designer Jeff Kiesel (grandson of company founder Lowell Kiesel) posted his own comment on the thread denying any prior knowledge of Knaggs as a company:

"I designed this guitar and never heard of Knaggs till a few weeks ago (long after I designed this one)."

Knaggs responded (without mentioning Carvin directly) on their Facebook page:

"You know you are doing something right when other companies (especially some of the big box makers) are trying to copy your designs and/or trade dress."

And just before the guitar industry comes together in one room at the NAMM Show this month... hopefully the Carvin booth and the Knaggs both won't be put next to each other by the event organisers.

(Above - Knaggs Severn T1)

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