Turn Your iPad Into A Virtual Groovebox

Electrify NXT app is now available   23-Dec-13

Electrify NXT is designed turns your iPad into a virtual Groovebox with drum loops, synths and effects in realtime.

Developer Ingolf Koch says that you can create musical clips or load samples and loops from the 1600+ samples library and arrange them on the fly in the clip matrix and that you can create dramatic break downs and build ups with the performance effects.


  • Completely rewritten and vastly enhanced audio engine with Active Freeze Technology gives you the power to create clips with effects and stunning live performances.
  • The all new session mode lets you perform with loops and clips by creating arrangements on the fly.
  • New brilliant sounding polyphonic FM-style Synthesizer: Electrify NXT comes with a fully fledged frequency modulating synthesizer with 11 Algorithms and wave-morphing oscillators giving you endless sound possibilities.
  • The new drumkit combines 8 samplers into one grooving loop factory.
  • The powerful looper and slicer lets you deconstruct audio loops or rearrange your own clips beyond recognition.
  • Electrify NXT comes with more than 1600 audio loops and one shot samples from the famous Inspire Audio Collection
  • A huge load of effects spices up your loops and performances.
  • Powerful parameter modulation: nearly every parameter of instruments and effects can be modulated by LFOs, Envelopes or by realtime parameter sequencing.
  • Add that little extra portion of groove to your clips with Flexi-Groove templates.
  • Use Electrify NXT with other Apps or your Keyboard. Audiobus, AudioCopy and Midi are integrated.

Pricing and Availability:

$19.99 on the app store.

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