MESA/Boogie Revisit The Tone That Started It All

King Snake Limited edition 1x12 Snakeskin Combo as used by Carlos Santana   12-Dec-13

The new MESA/Boogie King Snake is a hand-signed and numbered limited edition, custom-covered amplifier, built in tribute to the Original Snakeskin that put MESA and a young Carlos Santana on the map with it's revolutionary and instantly identifiable tone.

MESA Founder Randall Smith and Carlos Santana got together on October 29, 2013 to discuss the history and the inspirations behind the pioneering of all-tube, cascading preamp high-gain that the Mark I made famous. It's a sound, feel, sustain and functionality that Carlos had long been seeking and many guitarists since have found as their ultimate voice for punchy, sparkling clean sounds and unmistakeable, singing Boogie solo tones.

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