TC Hall Of Fame Mini Reverb Review

Tiny size, big sound   06-Dec-13

    MP4 6:0 mins    

The TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Mini Reverb pedal takes the form factor of the Ditto looper and Spark clean boost pedal (see our review) and crams  TC's reverbs - Hall, Room, Spring, Plate and even a Cathedral into the tiny case. Very Dr Who don't you think?

Hall Of Fame Mini's default sound is TC Electronic Hall Reverb, but you can also load the tones  of its big brother Hall Of Fame Reverb via the TonePrint App for iPhone after only a few seconds of audio unpleasantness through your pickups. Top Tip - put your tuner on to avoid it being amplified.

Then the single knob gives you the dry/wet mix of your chosen 'verb. Though you can assign it to do more in the TonePrint editor if you wish. Having said that, tweak-heads would probably be suited to the full Hall Of Fame pedal which allows more of that from the front panel (Tone, Decay, Mix/Type)  and stereo in/out for around £25/30 more.

One thing, it does require plenty of juice for such a little feller though, make sure you have a PSU that can deliver more than 100mA to it as well as what your other pedals need.

We like the simple, frill-free operation of the pedal and it does sound good, if you need to conserve space then go for it. For more control, or stereo operation, save up a bit and get the full Hall of Fame pedal.

Pricing and Availability:
109€ EU SSP / £95 UK SSP / $109 US MAP



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