Joe Bonamassa On How To Get Yourself Out Of a Rut On Guitar

The blues rocker has been touring the world, but even the pros suffer from stagnation   18-Nov-13

Joe Bonamassa On How To Get Yourself Out Of a Rut On Guitar

Blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa has been travelling the world this past year with a ambitious and large scale tour.

Every guitarists dream, you'd imagine, but even the professionals get stuck in a rut sometimes.

Joe Bonamassa fell foul to every guitarists worst nightmare while playing shows in Luxembourg.

Having played his songs night after night for months, he found his fingers 'forgetting' how to play the right notes.

In an interview with the Augusta Chronicle, the guitarist said that the best way to get over a rut is to move on to something completely different:

"To me, you have to do that every once in a while. You can't just keep playing the same tunes over and over again.

"I don't want to become a tribute act to myself."

He also said that sometimes complete reinvention is the solution:

''It's not time to call it in, pack it in. It's time to almost say we're done with this part of our life. It's time to invent the new one."

So, guitarists, if metal isn't working out for you, try jazz.