Epiphone Rocksmith 2014 Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide lets Rocksmith 2014 fans easily choose their Epiphone guitar   11-Nov-13

Epiphone Rocksmith 2014 Buyer's Guide

Epiphone guitars and basses are the official instruments of the new Rocksmith 2014 and now Epiphone has made it easy for both new and experienced players to choose which Epiphone instrument is the best match for their style when plugging into Rocksmith 2014.

Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg, told us, "The Epiphone Buyer's Guide on Epiphone.com is the perfect way for our fans to quickly compare and contrast three Les Pauls, SGs, and Epiphone basses that are affordable for everyone. These instruments are among our best sellers.  They all have an esteemed history with the classic Epiphone sound and also carry our Lifetime Guarantee."

Here's what Epiphone has to say...

The Epiphone Buyer's Guide offers fans an easy-to-use overview of 9 affordable Epiphone guitars and basses broken down into three categories: Good Value, Better Features, and Best Performance. The layout includes full color photos and in-depth descriptions of each instrument's pickups, neck style, and controls as well as a "street price."

Each of the instruments profiled in the Best Performance category not only offer excellent value, but also pro features that cannot be found in other so-called "entry-level" instruments.

The buyer's guide includes full details on three models of Les Pauls including the best selling Les Paul Special II, the Les Paul 100, and the rock and roll classic Les Paul Standard.  Classic rock and metal fans can choose from three "SG" models including the SG Special, the G-310, and the G-400 PRO.  For bassists, Epiphone offers the Toby Standard-IV, the Toby Deluxe-IV, and the vintage styled Thunderbird-IV PRO.

For over 50 years the iconic Les Paul Standard has literally set the standard for electric guitars.  It was Mr. Les Paul's pride and joy. The original "Les Paul" solid body guitar sparked a revolution and was practically invented at Epiphone's factory in Manhattan where Les made his first prototypes. The Les Paul Standard is the ultimate rock and roll electric guitar and with fans that span generations--including Zakk Wylde, Slash, and KISS's Tommy Thayer--it doesn't get any better than a Les Paul.

Epiphone's Les Paul Standard includes a SlimTaper neck styled after vintage Les Pauls, Epiphone's patented LockTone bridge system for increased sustain, Alnico pickups, and a carved top for that classic "Les Paul" look and sound. The street price for the Les Paul Standard is $399.

Electric guitar fans can also choose the G-400 PRO. First introduced in 1961, the SG (solid guitar) not only rivaled guitars of its own era for sonic variety but also proved to be a sign of things to come. Scores of rock, hard rock and metal guitarists embraced the original SG and made it a classic. And now the G-400 PRO makes that legendary sound and style available to everyone. Known as the "fretless wonder," the G-400 is easy to play and features Alnico pickups with coil-tapping for both humbucker and single coil sounds, and an optional hard case. The street price for the G-400 PRO is $349.

In the bass category, players can choose from two historic bass styles. Both the Toby Standard IV and Toby Deluxe IV feature the legendary Tobias ergonomic body shape and Tobias TBT and TBR pickups. The Toby Standard has a street price of $199 and the Toby Deluxe IV has a street price of $249.

The Thunderbird IV PRO has been powering rock classics since its debut in 1963.  Designed by legendary automotive designer and visionary Ray Dietrich, the Thunderbird IV PRO includes humbucker pickups with active electronics and is also available as a 5-string model.  The Thunderbird IV Pro has a street price of $399.

"You can, of course, use any Epiphone with Rocksmith," said Jim Rosenberg, "but these 9 instruments are perfect for players who are picking up guitar or bass for the first time."

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