Guitar and Bass Capabilities of Peavey Vypyr VIP Amp

The Vypyr has modelling for guitar, bass and acoustic   29-Oct-13

Now what do you think of this?

The Peavey Vypyr amp is certainly one of the most versatile modelling amps out there at the moment, offering bass, guitar and acoustic modelling, as well as a bunch of effects.

It has been endorsed by Alex Skolnick, of Testament and The Alex Skolnick Trio, and it comes at an affordable price point - ranging from around £130/$180 to £300/$400 depending on which size amp you purchase (the one in this video is the cheapest model, the Peavey Vypyr VIP 1).

Peavey have put out a demo featuring Tom Allen, pretty much showing off all the main capabilities of the amp, with bass guitar, electric guitar and acoustic guitar all running through it with various effects.

Is the versatility a selling point for you, or do you prefer separate gear for separate jobs?

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