SG-Shape Les Paul With The Sideways Vibrato Is Back

Gibson announces the 1961 Les Paul Tribute   23-Oct-13

SG-Shape Les Paul With The Sideways Vibrato Is Back

Gibson has announced the 1961 Les Paul Tribute based on the guitar they released in 1961, updating the traditional single-cutaway Les Paul to a sleek new double-cutaway design, known simply as the SG Standard after 1962. Here's what they have to say...

"This SG and its descendants have made legendary music in the hands of countless major artists--Eric Clapton, Robby Krieger, Angus Young, Derek Trucks, and more--because to this day the Les Paul/SG remains a forerunner for tone, feel and looks. Capturing the original vibe of the 1961 Les Paul/SG in all its glory, but with significant improvements that bring it into the 21st century, Gibson USA introduces the 1961 Les Paul Tribute--a guitar that can take you back to the dawn of rock, or thrust you forward into the future of music.

An undeniable classic, the original Les Paul/SG Standard of 1961-'62 was released with one well-recognized flaw: its stylish Deluxe Vibrato unit (commonly known as the "Sideways Vibrato" for its side-to-side action) never functioned quite as smoothly or accurately as intended. Now Gibson USA has not only recreated this legendary guitar in all its period-correct glory, but totally re-engineered the Sideways Vibrato for smooth, efficient action with perfect pitch return.

While the 1961 Les Paul Tribute retains the magic of the original by capturing every nuance of this highly desirable vintage guitar, it also soars to new heights of tone and performance.

A body and neck crafted from lightweight Grade-A mahogany in the archetypal double-cutaway style with beveled edges results in superb playing comfort, as well as outstanding resonance and sustain. Gibson USA selects dark one-piece, Grade-A rosewood to give the fingerboard a traditional look and feel, then loads the guitar with vintage-correct hardware, two PAF-style '57 Classic humbucking pickups, and historically accurate plastics.

Topped with a high-gloss Heritage Cherry finish in hand-sprayed nitrocellulose, the '61 Les Paul/SG Standard resurrects a hallowed classic from more than five decades ago--and puts a smile on your face when you dig into that vibrato. Experience the beauty, feel and playability of this rock legend today at your Gibson USA dealer."


  • Solid mahogany body with iconic double-horned design
  • Mahogany neck with slim, rounded profile
  • Bound rosewood fingerboard with acrylic trapezoid inlays
  • Pair of '57 Classic humbucking pickups in the neck and bridge positions
  • Tune-o-matic bridge with sideways vibrato
  • Vintage-style tuners with pearloid buttons and 14:1 ratio

Pricing and Availability:
Available On Nov. 26, 2013. $2,765 msrp

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