Gus G Shows Off Cool Heavy Metal Guitar Trick

Ozzy Osbourne Guitarist says 'in metal you have to show off'   20-Oct-13

Gus G, guitarist with Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind, has shown off a few heavy metal guitar tricks in a new video for Accordo.

The Greek guitarist says "in rock and heavy metal you have to show off", and we completely agree, although we'd change that sentence to "in rock and heavy metal, if you are as good as Gus G, then you have to show off."

The first trick is a classic heavy metal move, a slow glissando of harmonics by scraping the plectrum from the bridge towards the neck while hammering on a riff with your left hand. This can also be done with the palm of your hand while you pick with your plectrum, if your legato isn't as hardcore as Gus G's.

Gus G also shows how you can do divebombs on harmonics without a whammy bar, another great-sounding classic metal trick.

The guitarist says he prefers not to use a whammy bar, because he actually feels like he has more control without one.

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