Fuzz Distortion From Bassist Pedal Specialists

EBS FuzzMo is equally well suited for use with guitar   16-Oct-13

Fuzz Distortion From Bassist Pedal Specialists

EBS Sweden and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd have announced the new EBS FuzzMo fuzz distortion pedal.

The EBS FuzzMo pedal has been developed by EBS to fill the gap between EBS's  distortion pedals and a vintage type of fuzz effect for bass. The FuzzMo produces a wide range of vintage and modern effects with several features to dial in your favourite fuzz tone.

Similar to the EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive, the EBS FuzzMo allows you to blend the fuzz tone with a clean signal. Fire up the distortion engine gain as much as you like with the Gain control, set the Volume for the distortion, and then blend the clean unaffected tone by turning up the Blend control.

Instead of a tone control, the EBS FuzzMo features a Shape control that changes the shape of the gain engine, from triangle to square wave through the passive tone stack.

In addition, the FuzzMo features a Character filter. This goes in three steps from Flat, to subtle mid-scoop, to maximum mid-scoop (or cut).

The EBS FuzzMo features True Bypass circuitry and runs on a 9V DC battery or optional power supply.

Whilst built for bass, like all EBS pedals, the company says that it is equally well suited for use with guitar.

Pricing and Availability:

The EBS FuzzMo will ship this month (October 2013) priced at £139 RRP inc VAT.

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